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So much of the current discussion on REST is about developing server APIs.  However, without building clients specifically to participate in a RESTful system, many of the benefits of REST can be lost.  This talk will discuss the role of the client, whether a mobile app, a rich desktop client or a Javascript client inside a browser.

We will discuss how to build rich clients as components of a RESTful system to enable application developers to deliver high functioning clients that still benefit from the performance, scalability, fault tolerance and evolvability characteristics of web based systems.

With the specific focus of delivering rich clients on the Windows platform, we will discuss topics such as deployment, service discovery, bookmarking, authentication, links, link relations, media-types, versioning, window management, caching of static resources and localization.

We will include a demo of a running production application that implements many of the discussed topics. We will also walk through a sample application that demonstrates techniques that can be used to achieve these goals.



Darrel Miller is CTO at Tavis Software. Tavis Software is an ISV that targets a small vertical market in the world of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

Darrel has been responsible for the architecture, design, development, deployment, support and maintenance of distributed business systems using ISAM databases, client/server databases, SOAP based services and most recently REST based systems.

Darrel has been writing software professionally for 17 years. The last 3 years have been spent discovering the benefits of the REST. His particular focus is on the use of REST to develop non-browser based line-of-business applications.

When/ Where

Wednesday February, 16th at 6:30 PM at the Evocatio offices: 388, rue Saint Jacques, Montréal. (Metro: Square Victoria on Orange Line)


CMS Conseil est un cabinet-conseil et atelier de développement d’applications informatiques d’avant-garde situé à Montréal. En affaires depuis 13 ans, PCMS emploie 40 personnes. Elle bâtit des applications sur mesure à l’aide de la méthode Agile, en plus de développer et commercialiser des produits pour des applications critiques gouvernementales, en santé et dans les services verticaux. Nous recherchons actuellement à combler des postes de développeurs junior et sénior, contact:

What is devLAB?

The idea is real simple. Bring experienced professional with people that loves technology. We will organize work sessions and bring people together with an objective per session. It will be a breed between a “Code-Fest”, a “Lan Party” and a Meetup.


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  2. I just published the weekly announcement on Meetup, Techentreprise and our user group. At devLAB we can’t wait to make this happen and bring to the community quality events as you guys do.

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  5. […] announcement: February 16th, join us for a presentation on REST: Hypermedia Driven Rich Clients: Bringing the best parts of web architecture to the desktop – Darrel Miller […]

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